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--------------------------- TALENTS Most of the stuff is pretty self-explanitory. It's not too hard to figure out, even if you're new to Warrior.

Sample talent specs: Level 19: I Level 29: Level 39: V Level 49: Vd I Level 60: Vd Izs Go It's not too difficult; Patch 3.3 talents are self-explanitory.

Just like with my Priest leveling guide, I decided to make this because I didn't really see any here on the forum. Revenge hits way harder than any other ability (except Bladestorm), which is why it's best to level Prot.

As most will tell you, the best way to level a Warrior is with Protection spec. With the talent, I found that a non-crit Revenge was hitting harder than a crit Mortal Strike or Overpower. Past 40, Arms and Fury start to catch up, but Prot still remains viable. Revenge, Shield Mastery, etc...pretty much all of the damage-increasing talents and useful damage reduction talents.

Les glyphes nécessitent une grande variété d’encres différentes, et si vous voulez en fabriquer une, vous serez surement obligé d’utiliser des encres des extensions précédentes.

Dans Wrath of the Lich King, l’échange se faisait avec des encres marines.

Dans Mists of Pandaria, et ça semble être le cas aussi dans la 5.0.4, nous utiliserons des encres de rêve.

Alot of abilities in Wo D change your stance for you. Colossus Smash requires you to be in battle stance, it will change your stance even if you don't.

I imagine in Wo D alot of people will keep their eyes out for warriors using Col smash during their rotations, and the new Battle/Defence stance buff that is applied to kill Warriors 100/0 in stuns. Finally, although it's not Warrior based it's good to know healthstone's don't reset their CD unless you leave combat, if you're playing wls don't forget to leave combat for second to restart the cooldown.

Glyphs are color-coded to the class for which they are meant.

Since most raiding Warriors have not played Arms in some time, there are many questions about exactly what Arms does and how it performs in the coming tier.

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